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Fig. 7

From: Prepartum dietary energy intake alters adipose tissue transcriptome profiles during the periparturient period in Holstein dairy cows

Fig. 7

All-encompassing theoretical model of the effect of overfeeding energy during the dry period. Information reported in the model is based on the main findings from the present study and Janovick et al. [15] that highlight key differences between cows overfed (OVR) compared with cows underfed (CTR) energy prepartum. The model includes information relative to adipose tissue gene expression, plasma metabolic parameters, selected aspects of liver metabolism and some assumptions pertaining to ruminal fermentation. Information in blue indicates events occurring in the dry period (− 14 d), while information in pink indicates events occurring during lactation (1 and 14 d). Differentially expressed genes in the main KEGG categories are reported as gene symbols, with red and green color indicating up-regulation or down-regulation, respectively. Down arrows (↓) or up arrows (↑) denote a reduction or inhibition of the respective items. The dotted arrows indicate a link between items

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