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Featured article: Effect of dietary supplementation with insect fats on growth performance, digestive efficiency and health of rabbits

Our research team is focused on the evaluation of the effects of dietary insect meal inclusion on animal health and performance, gut health modifications and food products quality in monogastric farm animals. Considering the complementary and multidisciplinary expertise in animal production and veterinary sciences of our researchers, we currently propose an integrated approach to assess the impact of insect meal utilization by the innovative association of the well-known zootechnical (animal performance and nutrient digestibility) and nutritional (food products quality) aspects with the more recently investigated gut health parameters (mucosal inflammatory response, morphology, mucin composition and microbiota/microbiome).


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Thematic series
Frontier research in intestinal health of pigs and chickens​​​​​​​
Edited by: Sung Woo Kim
Collection published: 14 January 2019


Thematic series
Genome editing in domestic animals
Edited by: Jae Yong Han
Collection published: 29 January 2018


Thematic series
Gastrointestinal microbial ecology and functionality
Edited by: Prof Jianxin Liu, Prof Weiyun Zhu
Collection published: 8 November 2016


Thematic series
Alternatives to antibiotics as growth promoters for use in swine production
Edited by: Prof Phil Thacker
Collection published: 21 October 2015

Thematic series
Fat nutrition and metabolism in food animals
Edited by: Dr Jack Odle
Collection published: 21 May 2015

Thematic series
Animal reproductive biology
Edited by: Prof Fuller Bazer
Collection published: 26 March 2015


Thematic series
Special Issue for WCAP 2013
Edited by: Prof Defa Li
Collection published: 30 August 2013

Thematic series
Special Issue for Chinese Swine Industry Symposium
Collection published: 8 July 2013

Thematic series
Animal Production
Collection published: 14 March 2013

Thematic series
Reproduction and physiology
Collection published: 14 March 2013

Thematic series
Animal Nutrition
Collection published: 14 March 2013

Thematic series
Animal Genetics
Collection published: 14 March 2013

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