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Table 6 Effects of different dietary phosphorus levels on gene expression of duodenal NaP-IIb, calbindin, vitamin D receptor, and protein abundance of calbindin and vitamin D receptor of laying hens at 41 wk of age

From: Effect of dietary nonphytate phosphorus on laying performance and small intestinal epithelial phosphate transporter expression in Dwarf pink-shell laying hens

Nonphytate phosphorus, % Duodenal NaP-IIb mRNA1 Duodenal calbindin mRNA1 Duodenal vitamin D receptor mRNA1 Duodenal calbindin protein2 Duodenal vitamin D receptor protein2
0.20 1.16a 0.96c 1.37b 0.21b 0.17d
0.25 0.76b 26.23a 3.17a 0.29b 0.27c
0.30 0.64b 16.30a 1.43b 0.72a 0.62a
0.35 0.65b 17.40a 0.94b 0.49a 0.49b
0.40 0.26c 2.49b 1.27b 0.21b 0.19d
SEM 0.054 2.29 0.160 0.05 0.04
P-value 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000
Linear 0.000 0.684 0.000 0.036 0.002
Quadratic 0.678 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000
  1. a–dWithin comparisons, means in a column with no common superscript differ significantly (P < 0.05) (n = 5).
  2. 1mRNA relative expression is normalized to β-actin, results are expressed as 2-Ct.
  3. 2Relative optical densityof protein to β-actin.