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Table 1 Ingredient and chemical composition of the basal diet fed to lactating Holstein dairy cows

From: Characterization and mitigation option of greenhouse gas emissions from lactating Holstein dairy cows in East China

Items Content, % of DM
Ingredient compositiona
 Corn silage 21.10
 Alfalfa hay 14.75
 Oatgrass hay 3.46
 Dandelion hay 0.69
 Steam-flaked corn 14.77
 Soybean meal 14.25
 Corn flour 11.80
 Beet pulp 5.11
 Whole cottonseed 4.39
 Rapeseed meal 2.56
 Extruded soybean 1.64
 Mineral-vitamin premixb 5.48
Calculated chemical composition
 OM 97.80
 CP 16.78
 EE 5.48
 NDF 32.75
 ADF 22.09
 Ca 0.82
 P 0.46
 NEL, MJ/kg 7.46
  1. aDM dry matter, OM organic matter, CP crude protein, EE ether extract, NDF neutral detergent fiber, ADF acid detergent fiber, Ca calcium, P phosphorus, NEL net energy values were estimated based on NRC (2001)
  2. b The premix contained 140 g/kg of Mg, 122 g/kg of Ca, 93 g/kg of Na, 50 g/kg of K, 48 g/kg of Fe, 24 g/kg of P, 2 g/kg of S, 999 mg/kg of Zn, 580 mg/kg of Mn, 360 mg/kg of Cu, 180,070 IU of VA, 30,000 IU of VD and 601 IU of VE