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Table 1 Summary of in vivo and in vitro studies evaluating the health benefits of Selenium

From: The health benefits of selenium in food animals: a review

Source Targeted speciesa Pathogen Effect References
SeMet Pigs Virus Antiviral [15, 19]
Se-yeast Humans Virus Antiviral [16]
Se-yeast Pigs Bacteria Antibacterial [2]
Se-yeast Ruminants Bacteria Antibacterial [20]
SeMet; Se-yeast Poultry Bacteria Antioxidant, immunomodulation, antibacterial [21, 22]
Se-yeast; SeMet Pigs N/A Immunomodulation, antioxidant [23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30]
Sodium selenite Humans Virus Antiviral [31]
Se-yeast; Sodium selenite Poultry Virus Antiviral [32]
Se-enriched alfalfa Ruminants Bacteria Immunomodulation [33]
Sodium selenite Poultry Bacteria Antibacterial [34]
Se-enriched probiotics Poultry Protozoa Antioxidant [35]
  1. N/A not applicable; the antimicrobial effect of Se was not evaluated in the study
  2. aIn some studies cell culture models were used