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Table 6 The α diversity of the fecal bacterial community

From: Different dietary starch patterns in low-protein diets: effect on nitrogen efficiency, nutrient metabolism, and intestinal flora in growing pigs

Items W LP C LP P LP P-value
Shannon1 2.37 2.36 2.67 0.644
Simpson2 0.31 0.27 0.21 0.801
ACE3 273.80 266.31 284.40 0.766
Chao4 276.50 273.65 288.89 0.814
  1. 1 Shannon-Wiener index, an index to measure species diversity: an increase in the Shannon-Wiener index value represents an increase in species diversity
  2. 2 Simpson index, describes the probability that the number of individuals sampled from a community twice in a row belong to the same species
  3. 3 Abundance-based Coverage Estimator, is used to estimate the number of OTUs contained in the community and is one of the commonly used indices for estimating the total number of species in ecology
  4. 4 Chao index, is commonly used in ecology to estimate the total number of species
  5. W LP waxy corn starch low-protein diet, C + W LP corn starch + waxy corn starch low-protein diet, C LP corn starch low-protein diet, P + W LP pea starch + waxy corn starch low-protein diet, P LP pea starch low-protein diet. Values are means of 6 observations per treatment