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Table 3 Apparent in vitro ileal digestibility of nutrients of starchy and fibrous feedstuffs, %

From: Starchy and fibrous feedstuffs differ in their in vitro digestibility and fermentation characteristics and differently modulate gut microbiota of swine

Variables OSP1 Yam Taro WMR2 BBG3 MNC4 SEM P-value
Dry matter 80.1a 74.8b 63.5c 59.6d 49.1f 53.1e 0.006 <0.0001
Gross energy 84.2a 78.7ab 67.8b 62.3bc 53.1d 57.1c 0.004 <0.0001
  1. 1Okinawan sweet potato
  2. 2Wheat millrun
  3. 3Barley brewers grain
  4. 4Macadamia nut cake
  5. a,b,cMean values within a row with different superscript letters were significantly different ( P < 0.05)