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Table 6 Larva, pupa and adult parameters recorded for the environmental control

From: Isoenergetic-practical and semi-purified diets for protein requirement determination in Hermetia illucens larvae: consequences on life history traits

Larvae (day old) Weight, g
6 0.070
10 0.089
14 0.204
18 0.167
Weight, g 0.154
L-P duration, d 16.43
Score 3.80
WR, % 49.51
FLW, g 0.103
EW, g 0.019
P-F duration, d 7.55
FLS, d 8.10
  1. Legend: L-P larva-pupal phase duration, WR fly weight reduction, FLW fly live weight, EW exuvia weight, P-F pupa-fly duration time, FLS fly lifespan