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Table 3 Detailed information of DMGs associated with curly fleece formation

From: Dynamic changes of genomic methylation profiles at different growth stages in Chinese Tan sheep

Chr Direction Group Gene symbol GO Term KEGG
Chr1 Hypo mon1 PARP14 GO:0005871 K15261
Hyper mon24 CLDN8 GO:0005198 K06087
Hyper mon48 ATG4B GO:0004197 K08342
Hyper mon48 VAV3 GO:0005829 K05730
Chr10 Hypo mon24 NBEA GO:000588  
Hyper mon48 ABCC4 GO:0048661 K05673
Hyper mon48 TNFRSF19 GO:0001942 K05155
Chr12 Hyper mon48 TGFB2 GO:0032147 K13376
Chr13 Hyper mon24 FRMD4A GO:0005856  
Hypo mon48 STAM GO:0005070 K04705
Hypo mon48 TAF4 GO:1901796 K03129
Chr14 Hypo mon1 CKM GO:0005524 K00933
Chr16 Hyper mon48 CD44 GO:0007156 K06805
Chr17 Hyper mon24 ARHGAP10 GO:0007010 K13736
Hyper mon24 NCOR2 GO:0042826 K06065
Hypo mon48 LRRC43 GO:0007268  
Hyper mon48 TBX3 GO:0009887 K10177
Chr18 Hypo mon48 DLK1 GO:0045746  
Chr2 Hypo mon1 SHB GO:0005070  
Hypo mon1 RCC2 GO:0090630  
Hyper mon24 ASTN2 GO:2000009  
Hyper mon48 RCC2 GO:0090630  
Hyper mon48 SH3YL1 GO:0035091  
Hyper mon48 WNT10A GO:0005578 K01357
Chr20 Hypo mon1 GCLC GO:0007568 K11204
Hyper mon48 GCLC GO:0007568 K11204
Chr21 Hyper mon48 PKP3 GO:0002159  
Chr22 Hypo mon48 EMX2 GO:0009952 K09317
Hyper mon48 FGFR2 GO:0001525 K05093
Chr23 Hyper mon1 MALT1 GO:0007250 K07369
Hyper mon24 DSG1 GO:0016021 K07596
Hyper mon48 NFATC1 GO:0006351  
Hyper mon48 SMAD2 GO:0032924 K04500
Chr24 Hypo mon1 NSMCE1 GO:0016874  
Chr25 Hyper mon24 ERCC6 GO:0008023 K10841
Hyper mon48 CDH23 GO:0016021 K06813
Chr26 Hyper mon24 PDGFRL GO:0005576  
Chr3 Hypo mon48 MEIS1 GO:0005667 K15613
Chr5 Hyper mon24 SMAD5 GO:0030509 K16790
Chr6 Hypo mon1 LEF1 GO:0008013 K04492
Hyper mon24 FRAS1 GO:0007154  
Hyper mon48 CORIN GO:0004252 K09614
Hyper mon48 EREG GO:0005154 K09784
Chr7 Hyper mon48 MCC GO:0090090  
Chr8 Hyper mon48 KRT71 GO:0042787 K10468
Chr9 Hyper mon48 PRKDC GO:0006310  
ChrX Hypo mon1 FGF13 GO:0048487 K04358
Hypo mon48 CLCN5 GO:0031404 K05012
Hypo mon48 COL4A5 GO:0030574 K06237
Hypo mon48 MBTPS2 GO:0005737 K07765
Hypo mon48 ZDHHC13 GO:0005789 K16675
  1. Note: Chr represents the chromosome; Hyper represents hypermethylation; Hypo represents hypomethylation