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Table 1 Potential key differentially expressed mRNAs (DE genes), their targeted differentially expressed miRNAs (DE miRNAs)/differentially expressed lncRNAs (DE lncRNAs), and their functions related to hypoxic adaption in the Tibetan chicken

From: Comprehensive analysis of coding and non-coding RNA transcriptomes related to hypoxic adaptation in Tibetan chickens

DE genes Log2FC (TC/CH) P-value Targeted DE miRNAs Targeted DE lncRNAs Functional description
 ACTC1 −3.4644 0.0122 gga-miR-6606-5p MSTRG.19949.13, MSTRG.128588.3, MSTRG.73129.28, MSTRG.32082.2 Blood circulation
 KCNMB4 2.3558 0.0001 gga-miR-6606-5p MSTRG.29252.7 Vascular smooth muscle contraction
 NCS1 −1.0050 0.0197 gga-miR-6606-5p, novel_miR_815 MSTRG.33345.5, MSTRG.140060.1, MSTRG.18943.13 Calcium ion transport
 NGFR 1.5519 0.0036 novel_miR_676 MSTRG.118362.24, MSTRG.12318.1, MSTRG.25780.4, MSTRG.128839.3, MSTRG.115756.46, MSTRG.41646.22, MSTRG.80622.27, MSTRG.44286.2, MSTRG.41646.23 Blood vessel morphogenesis, blood vessel development, vasculature development, angiogenesis
 ADAM8 −1.3727 0.0470    Response to hypoxia, blood vessel development, vasculature development, angiogenesis
 CASQ2 −1.0736 0.0315 novel_miR_589, novel_miR_676 MSTRG.73129.28, MSTRG.18943.3 Blood circulation
 IRF4 −1.8880 0.0201    Hemopoiesis
 PTPRZ1 1.3653 0.0000    Hemopoiesis, hematopoietic progenitor cell differentiation
 CALML3 −1.1958 0.0015    Vascular smooth muscle contraction
 ERBB4 −1.2949 0.0102 novel_miR_676, novel_miR_587 MSTRG.147643.141, MSTRG.128534.3, MSTRG.44329.1, MSTRG.29590.15, MSTRG.79818.8, MSTRG.135465.5, MSTRG.30620.3 Calcium and MAPK signaling pathways
 ARR3 1.0513 0.0013    MAPK signaling pathway
 NTSR1 −1.5401 0.0140 novel_miR_669, novel_miR_676, novel_miR_567 MSTRG.63187.27, MSTRG.71117.21, MSTRG.133793.2, MSTRG.29590.15, MSTRG.52146.15, MSTRG.72741.32, MSTRG.148631.1 Regulation of respiratory gaseous exchange, Calcium signaling pathway
Energy metabolism
 SSTR5 −3.8881 0.0054 novel_miR_819 MSTRG.25881.3 Glucose homeostasis
 NR1H4 −1.1224 0.0179 novel_miR_676 MSTRG.99917.37, MSTRG.64717.15, MSTRG.99917.39, MSTRG.99917.35 Glucose homeostasis, response to oxygen-containing compound
 HTR2C −1.3476 0.0000    Regulation of lipid metabolic process
 APOA1 1.1034 0.0068    Regulation of lipid metabolic process
 KCNB1 −1.1800 0.0000    Glucose homeostasis, response to oxygen-containing compound
 P3H2 −1.0044 0.0135    Carbohydrate binding
 CHST8 −1.9553 0.0013 novel_miR_693, novel_miR_775   Carbohydrate metabolic process
 LYZ −1.0365 0.0050    Carbohydrate metabolic process
 HAO2 −1.5483 0.0085 novel_miR_669   Carbon metabolism, lactate oxidation
 ACER1 1.5111 0.0032    Regulation of lipid metabolic process
 ACSBG1 1.1154 0.0000    Fatty acid metabolism
 ELOVL2 −5.1386 0.0480    Fatty acid metabolism
 ELOVL3 2.0872 0.0146 novel_miR_867   Fatty acid metabolism
 GBE −1.0082 0.0072 novel_miR_85 MSTRG.128588.4 Oxygen transport, oxygen binding, reactive oxygen species metabolic process
 NOX3 3.0828 0.0000    Reactive oxygen species metabolic process