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Table 1 Classification of phenolic compounds

From: Phenolic compounds as natural feed additives in poultry and swine diets: a review

Items Example Source Ref.
Soluble component Phenolic acid: (gallic, protocatechuic, rosmarinic, gentisic, salicylic,vanillic, syringic, ferulic, caffeic, sinapic, cinnamic); flavonoid (flavones, flavonols, catechin, quercetin); quinines, phenolic diterpenes (carnasol, carnosic acid) and hydrolysable tannins Millet, oat, sorghum, barley,
wheat, rye, vegetable, fruits spices, herbs and their byproducts
Non-soluble component Condensed tannins and lignins Chestnut wood, pinewood and different trees and their byproducts [9, 23, 24]
Others (aromatic compound) Alcohols (borneal); aldehyde (cinnamaldehyde); ketons (carvones) Aromatic plants and herbs and their byproducts, cinnamon, etc [25, 26]