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Table 2 Analyzed composition of experimental soybean oil sourcesa

From: Growth performance, oxidative stress and immune status of newly weaned pigs fed peroxidized lipids with or without supplemental vitamin E or polyphenols

Moisture, %0.100.11
Insoluble impurities, %0.06none
Unsaponifiable matter, %0.380.34
Free fatty acids, %0.020.09
Peroxide value, mEq/kg fat
 4 h AOMc3.6158
 20 h AOM4.641.2
 Anisidine valued1.7106
 Oxidative stability index (OSI), he372.4
 Hexanal, mg/kg< 599
 2, 4-decadienal, mg/kg8720
  1. aAnalysis of oxidative stability index, hexanal, and 2,4-decadienal were conducted by Kemin Industries (Des Moines, IA), while the other analyses were conducted by New Jersey Feed Laboratory, Inc. (Trenton, NJ)
  2. bThe New Jersey Feed Laboratory, Inc. (method 965.33 [34]) and Kemin Industries, Inc. both analyzed initial peroxide value and the mean of these values is reported here
  3. cActive oxygen method, Cd 12–57 [35])
  4. dAnisidine value is a relative measure used to determine aldehyde content of peroxidized oils
  5. eOSI, method Cd 12B-92 [35]