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Table 1 Composition of the experimental Phase 1 and 2 diets. As fed basisa

From: Growth performance, oxidative stress and immune status of newly weaned pigs fed peroxidized lipids with or without supplemental vitamin E or polyphenols

ItemPhase 1Phase 2
Ingredient, %
 Corn, yellow dent36.3555.34
 Soybean meal, 47.5% CP21.0034.67
 Whey permeate20.00
 Poultry byproduct meal6.76
 Fish meal, menhaden4.00
 Plasma, spray-dried4.00
 Soybean oilb6.006.00
 Monocalcium phosphate, 21% P0.351.53
 Zinc oxide, 72% Zn0.26
 Copper sulfate, 25.2% Cu0.070.07
L-lysine HCl0.270.36
 Mineral premixc0.150.15
 Vitamin premixd0.050.05
Calculated Composition
 ME, kcal/kg36093556
 Crude protein, %24.221.7
 Total lysine, %1.701.45
 Ca, %0.800.80
 P, %0.760.72
 Standardized ileal digestible amino acids, %
  1. aDiets were formulated to meet or exceed NRC (2012) recommendations. Phase 1 diets were fed from day 0 to 14 and Phase 2 diets were fed from day 14 to day 35. Experimental diets were created from a common basal mix to which the appropriate oil source was added, and by replacing corn in the control diet with vitamin E (Rovimix®, DSM Nutritional Products, Parsippany, NJ) to supply 200 IU/kg of DL-α-tocopheryl acetate, or 400 mg/kg of a blend of plant-based polyphenols (Promote® AOXt™ 50, Cargill, Inc., Wayzata, MN)
  2. b Control or peroxidized soybean oil. Peroxidation was created by heating control oil at 80 °C while bubbling air through oil at the rate of 50 L/min for 12 d. Control and peroxidized soybean oil were stabilized with 0.1% liquid antioxidant containing tertiary butyl hydroquinone after peroxidation was completed. Analyzed dietary crude fat concentrations were 7.74% and 6.96% for Phase 1 and 5.34% and 4.01% for Phase 2 for control and peroxidized oil treatments, respectively
  3. cSupplied per kg of complete diet: 33 mg of Mn, 110 mg of Zn, 110 mg of Fe, 17 mg of Cu, 0.30 mg of I and 0.30 mg of Se
  4. dSupplied per kg of complete diet: 8,270 IU of vitamin A, 1,650 IU of vitamin D3, 33 IU of vitamin E, 0.04 mg of vitamin B12 as D-calcium pantothenate, 3.3 mg of vitamin K as menadione sodium bisulfite complex, 7.7 mg of riboflavin, 25.0 mg of d-pantothenic acid, 44.1 mg of niacin, 0.11 mg of biotin