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Table 2 Effects of in ovo feeding of L-arginine on growth performance of layer chicks

From: Dynamic alterations in early intestinal development, microbiota and metabolome induced by in ovo feeding of L-arginine in a layer chick model

Item3  Arg dosage (mg/egg)Pooled SEMP-value
d 0 to 14
 ADG, g6.146.406.356.296.560.070.4510.7570.568
 ADFI, g11.4512.1111.5511.6011.850.120.4100.1090.279
d 15 to 21
 ADG, g7.86b7.62b7.62b7.70b8.56a0.100.0110.0210.032
 ADFI, g19.42b19.62b19.19b19.72b20.82a0.160.0190.0370.044
d 0 to 21
 ADG, g6.45b6.71ab6.69ab6.72ab7.00a0.060.0300.0730.143
 ADFI, g13.80b14.61a14.25ab14.02ab14.66a0.110.0210.8470.075
d 22 to 42
 ADG, g12.2312.6512.5512.8612.520.090.2280.8690.647
 ADFI, g32.3032.3732.8033.4933.000.220.0750.5450.284
d 0 to 42
 ADG, g9.289.559.519.559.580.050.4000.5090.826
 ADFI, g22.4922.6722.2523.1623.050.150.2910.3950.427
  1. a–bMeans within a row with no common superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05). Data are the mean of 8 replicates. 1NC, non-injected control group; 2SC, saline-injected control group. 3ADG, average daily gain; ADFI, average daily feed intake; F/G, feed conversion ratio (feed: gain, g: g). Orthogonal polynomial contrasts were used to determine the linear and quadratic effects of increasing concentrations of L-arginine solution