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Table 1 Effects of in ovo feeding of L-arginine on hatchability, body weight of layer chicks

From: Dynamic alterations in early intestinal development, microbiota and metabolome induced by in ovo feeding of L-arginine in a layer chick model

Item  Arg dosage (mg/egg)Pooled SEMP-value
Hatchability, %91.3692.7293.6791.9191.000.670.5180.9100.777
HW3, g42.5042.3443.2642.3042.190.150.1370.2970.379
BW4, g
 d 773.3874.6775.9474.3774.970.350.2200.6650.827
 d 14122.42125.89126.02124.35126.950.820.4740.5290.795
 d 21174.60b177.81ab178.56ab181.00ab183.85a1.030.0390.0180.382
 d 42434.29b444.65ab444.72ab452.60a452.28a2.210.0420.2020.301
  1. a–bMeans within a row with no common superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05). 1NC, non-injected control group; 2SC, saline (0.85% NaCl)-injected control group. 3HW, hatching weight; 4BW, body weight. Data are the mean of 8 replicates. Orthogonal polynomial contrasts were used to determine the linear and quadratic effects of increasing concentrations of L-arginine solution