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Table 1 Composition and nutrient levels in the basal diet (air-dry basis)

From: Changes in the gut microbiota mediate the differential regulatory effects of two glucose oxidases produced by Aspergillus niger and Penicillium amagasakiense on the meat quality and growth performance of broilers

Ingredients, %1 to 3 weeks4 to 6 weeksNutrient Levels, %21 to 3 weeks4 to 6 weeks
Corn56.0053.50ME, MJ/kg12.1412.77
Soybean meal (contains about 43% crude protein)26.6022.00Crude protein (CP)21.2519.30
Flour6.008.00Calcium (Ca)0.901.16
Corn gluten meal4.201.70Total phosphorus (TP)0.650.62
DDGS-283.005.00Available phosphorus (AP)0.430.35
CaHPO41.650.28Ether extract (EE)2.616.39
CaCO31.081.01sodium chloride (NaCl)0.260.29
L-Lysine H2SO40.330.24Lysine1.241.08
Salt0.200.20Methionine and cystine0.860.79
Choline chloride0.080.08   
Mixed oil2.60   
Meat and bone meal2.00   
Instant noodle2.00   
Feather meal0.50   
  1. 1The premix provided the following nutrients per kg diet: vitamin A, 11,600 IU; vitamin D3, 3,360 IU; vitamin K3, 4.02 mg; vitamin B1, 2.2 mg; vitamin B2, 7.3 mg; vitamin B6, 4.9 mg; vitamin B12, 0.014 mg; Cu, 8.4 mg; Zn, 49.5 mg; Fe, 54.0 mg; Mn, 150.0 mg
  2. 2The contents of CP, Ca, TP and EE were measured by the feed proximity analysis method, and the contents of other nutrients were calculated