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Table 1 Effects of the different linear predictors on the histochemical findings and the histological scores in the gut of the piglets

From: Effects of dietary Hermetia illucens meal inclusion on cecal microbiota and small intestinal mucin dynamics and infiltration with immune cells of weaned piglets

Histochemical findingsd.f.dChi-squarePf
Mucin typeb253.724< 0.001
Gut segmentc234.164< 0.001
Diet × Mucin type412.2160.016
Diet × Gut segment41.0170.907
Mucin type × Gut segment47.8780.096
Diet × Mucin type × Gut segment811.5070.175
Histological scores
 Gut segment232.113< 0.001
 Diet × Gut segment41.6580.798
  1. aThree dietary treatments: C = control; HI5 = 5% inclusion level of Hermetia illucens; HI10 = 10% inclusion level of Hermetia illucens
  2. bThree types: neutral, acidic sialylated and acidic sulfated mucins
  3. cThree gut segments: duodenum, jejunum and ileum
  4. dDegrees of freedom
  5. fStatistical significance: P < 0.05