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Table 3 Estimated population frequency of the 10 most frequent haplotypes, and diplotypes within the most significant region on chromosomes 19 associated with milk production in New Zealand dairy goats

From: Genome-wide association studies of lactation yields of milk, fat, protein and somatic cell score in New Zealand dairy goats

  Haplotype Frequency
Haplotype number
 h1 TCTTCTG 49%
 h2 CTCCTGA 17%
 h3 CTCCTTG 11%
 h4 CCCCTTG 5%
 h5 TCCCTTG 4%
 h6 CCTCTTG 4%
 h7 CCCCTGA 2%
 h8 CCTCTGA 2%
 h9 CCTTCGA 1%
 h10 TTCCTTG 1%
Diplotype number
 h1-h0   30%
 h1-h1   29%
 h1-h2   20%
 h2-h0   11%
 h2-h2   3%
 h0-h0   9%