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Table 7 Effects of dietary fiber levels during gestation on serum concentrations of cytokines in sows

From: Inclusion of purified dietary fiber during gestation improved the reproductive performance of sows

StageDietsS × DDietsLinearQuadratic
 IL-6, ng/L       0.190.330.99
 D 30 of gestation125.9105.7119.4116.8105.7111.37.30.950.810.61
 D 110 of gestation136.8102.4145.8124.1120.5114.810.40.880.790.88
 At farrowing117.673.1107.489.7107.
 IL-10, ng/L       0.0310.830.93
 D 30 of gestation152.7b171.7ab197.7ab197.6ab209.8ab248.1a8.30.041< 0.010.13
 D 110 of gestation230.2228.6219.9247.4254.3223.114.90.980.850.54
 At farrowing173.6166.9192.4160.9192.1172.321.80.990.960.87
 TNF-α, ng/L       < 0.010.720.65
 D 30 of gestation28.8a28.4a26.8ab23.9ab22.5ab20.4b0.80.042< 0.010.064
 D 110 of gestation22.120.019.321.623.318.91.20.870.510.61
 At farrowing20.521.320.619.919.420.71.20.990.960.72
 IFN-γ, ng/L       < 0.010.0700.99
 D 30 of gestation147.0119.4137.3111.5120.2107.38.40.730.370.41
 D 110 of gestation133.6108.4147.0101.3123.8120.59.80.840.850.68
 At farrowing103.766.184.864.974.867.
  At birth
  IL-6, ng/L165.2126.1151.2130.6149.6156.
  IL-10, ng/L52.653.952.754.453.555.60.90.950.790.48
  TNF-α, ng/L38.3a36.6ab37.5bc35.1ab34.1ab33.9b0.40.033< 0.010.023
  IFN-γ, ng/L106.995.594.8100.6103.596.91.90.410.420.84
 At weaning
  IL-6, ng/L171.4167.7152.2161.6179.8154.810.30.970.660.81
  IL-10, ng/L54.393.572.6102.591.380.08.60.700.880.23
  TNF-α, ng/L49.458.755.949.358.451.12.90.870.710.58
  IFN-γ, ng/L120.5126.3127.8131.2148.2110.95.80.650.350.12
  1. Data are expressed as mean ± largest SEM. Sows were regarded as the experimental units, n = 6 for each treatment. a, b, c denote P < 0.05. CON, basal corn-soybean diet; DF1, wheat bran-rich diet; DF2, DF3, DF4 and DF5 were wheat bran diet supplemented with 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% of FIBER MIX at the expense of wheat bran