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Table 9 Effects of dietary Flammulina velutipes stem waste inclusion on serum profile of pigs in different growing-finishing phases (Exp. 3)

From: Determination of the available energy values and amino acid digestibility of Flammulina velutipes stem waste and its effects on carcass trait and meat quality fed to growing-finishing pigs

ItemControl2.5% FVS5% FVSSEMP-value
d 17
 IgA, g/L17.4820.5125.322.910.220
 IgG, g/L9.2311.0114.771.980.191
 IgM, g/L9.7610.6712.821.910.535
 GSH-Px, U/mL125.75b168.73a173.27a6.870.002
 SOD, U/mL48.6445.0647.201.130.142
 T-AOC, U/mL13.1914.6214.000.770.458
 MDA, nmol/mL1.
 IL-2, pg/mL30.6433.1229.912.170.572
 HDL, mmol/L1.101.010.990.050.274
 LDL, mmol/L1.
 TC, mmol/L2.402.412.450.110.939
 TG, mmol/L0.560.690.740.070.216
 GH, ng/mL2.
d 37
 IgA, g/L18.4917.5616.871.950.844
 IgG, g/L9.839.888.540.880.505
 IgM, g/L10.5210.029.371.080.759
 GSH-Px, U/mL165.65b192.32a183.65a4.720.012
 SOD, U/mL49.3849.4048.080.590.253
 T-AOC, U/mL14.8813.4212.780.640.120
 MDA, nmol/mL1.
 IL-2, pg/mL41.0955.0146.416.870.396
 HDL, mmol/L0.910.890.970.040.363
 LDL, mmol/L1.020.941.080.090.534
 TC, mmol/L2.222.122.410.100.178
 TG, mmol/L0.660.650.790.040.066
 GH, ng/mL1.961.711.820.150.515
d 63
 IgA, g/L24.0127.525.552.550.641
 IgG, g/L13.5415.3116.981.810.443
 IgM, g/L13.0614.8815.61.650.561
 GSH-Px, U/mL151.29172.65143.9110.490.193
 SOD, U/mL47.9849.0347.830.920.622
 T-AOC, U/mL11.00b13.21a13.25a0.530.027
 MDA, nmol/mL1.
 IL-2, pg/mL32.4633.1638.703.500.425
 HDL, mmol/L1.050.871.030.070.161
 LDL, mmol/L1.
 TC, mmol/L2.492.312.600.110.226
 TG, mmol/L0.740.620.820.060.118
 GH, ng/mL2.372.702.300.250.512
  1. a-bLeast squares means within a row with different superscripts differ (P<0.05)
  2. FVS Flammulina velutipes stem waste, GH Growth hormone, GSH-Px Glutathione peroxidase, HDL High density lipoprotein, IgA Immunoglobulin A, IgG Immunoglobulin G, IgM Immunoglobulin M, IL-2 Interleukin-2, LDL Low density lipoprotein, MDA Malondialdehyde, SEM Standard error of the mean, SOD Superoxide dismutase, T-AOC Total antioxidant capacity, TC Total cholesterol, TG Triglyceride