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Table 2 Ingredients and analyzed AA compositions of the experimental diets used in Exp. 1 and 2 (%, as-fed basis)

From: Determination of the available energy values and amino acid digestibility of Flammulina velutipes stem waste and its effects on carcass trait and meat quality fed to growing-finishing pigs

ItemExp. 1Exp. 2
Basal dietFVS dietFVS dietN-free diet
 Corn starch40.8076.80
 Cellulose acetae4.00
 Soybean oil3.003.00
 Dicalcium phosphate0.900.902.002.00
 Sodium chloride0.300.300.500.50
 Choline chloride0.100.10
 Chromic oxide0.300.30
 Vitamin and mineral premixb0.500.500.500.50
Analyzed nutrient levels
 Dry matter86.2986.8189.6689.23
 Crude protein7.527.956.010.76
 Organic matter97.0794.9893.1794.67
Essential amino acids, g/kg
Nonessential amino acids, g/kg
 Glutamic acid7.100.69
 Aspartic acid3.700.26
  1. aFVS: Flammulina velutipes stem waste
  2. bVitamin and mineral premix provided the following quantities of vitamins and minerals per kg of diet: vitamin A, 5512 IU; vitamin D3, 2200 IU; vitamin E, 30 IU; vitamin K3, 2.2 mg; vitamin B12, 27.6 μg; riboflavin, 4 mg; D-pantothenic acid, 14 mg; folic acid, 0.7 mg; thiamine, 1.5 mg; pyridoxine, 3 mg; biotin, 44 μg; Mn 40 mg (as manganese oxide); Fe, 75 mg (as iron sulfate); Zn, 75 mg (as zinc oxide); Cu, 100 mg (as copper sulfate); I, 0.35 mg (as potassium iodide) and Se, 0.3 mg (as sodium selenite)