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Table 7 Effects of dietary supplementation with BLJ on gene expressions of tight junction proteins, growth factors and mucin-2 in the jejunums of broiler chickens challenged with NE (at 7 days after NE infection)

From: Dietary encapsulated essential oils and organic acids mixture improves gut health in broiler chickens challenged with necrotic enteritis

BLJ, mg/kg
Main effect
 0 0.690.980.87a0.961.190.941.05b0.88
 500 0.760.830.43b1.171.841.031.55a1.00
 Non-challenged 0.661.06a0.86a1.101.131.24a1.151.23
 Challenged 0.790.57b0.44b1.031.900.73b1.450.63
 BLJ 0.5920.310< 0.010.194< 0.010.6690.0030.322
 Challenged 0.3350.034< 0.010.655< 0.010.0170.056< 0.01
 Challenged×BLJ 0.0100.1090.9290.667< 0.010.0940.0640.027
  1. a, b, c Means within the same column with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05)
  2. 1NE Co-challenged with Eimeria spp. and Clostridium perfringens; −, without NE challenge; +, with NE challenge
  3. 2SEM, standard error of the mean
  4. 3P-values represent the main effect of the diet, the main effect of the NE challenge, and the interaction between the dietary treatments and NE challenge