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Table 1 Ingredients and nutrient content of diets (as fed basis)

From: Effects of dietary valine supplementation during late gestation on the reproductive performance and mammary gland development of gilts

IngredientsProportion, %
Peanut meal (exp.), 45% crude protein12.00
Soybean hulls12.00
Lys·HCl (78.8%)0.52
Met (98.5%)0.05
Trp (98%)0.05
Thr (98%)0.25
Dicalcium phosphate1.55
Choline chloride0.15
Vitamin and mineral premix a0.24
Chemical composition
 Digestible energy (DE) c, MJ/kg13.05
 Crude protein (CP) b, %13.60
 Lysine b, %0.85
 Met + Cys b, %0.45
 Val b, %0.54
 Leu b, %0.88
 Ile b, %0.30
 Ca c, %0.92
 Av. P c, %0.38
  1. a Provided per kg of diet: 9600 IU vitamin A; 1500 IU vitamin D3; 52.2 IU vitamin E, 2.9 mg vitamin K3; 1.5 mg vitamin B1; 6.02 mg vitamin B2; 5.25 mg vitamin B6; 0.02 mg vitamin B12; 21.5 mg niacin; 30 mg calcium pantothenate; 3.42 mg folic acid; 0.45 mg biotin; 48 mg manganese (MnSO4); 132 mg iron (FeSO4); 120 mg zinc (ZnSO4); 12 mg copper (CuSO4); 0.6 mg iodine (CaI2O6) and 0.3 mg selenium (Na2SeO3)
  2. b Analyzed values
  3. c Calculated values