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Table 1 Chemical composition (g/kg DM) of purple prairie clover (PPC; Dalea purpurea Vent.) and cool-season native grasses that were harvested when PPC reached vegetative (VEG), full flower (FL) and seedpod (SP) stages

From: Effects of inclusion of purple prairie clover (Dalea purpurea Vent.) with native cool-season grasses on in vitro fermentation and in situ digestibility of mixed forages

ADF349.8c497.1b534.0a6.89< 0.001507.2516.8509.62.800.067
CP137.8a99.7b83.4c0.75< 0.00137.5a29.4b35.1a0.440.009
ECT65.7b87.2a50.4c1.67< 0.001NDNDND
  1. a,b,cMeans with different superscript letters in the same row differ (P < 0.05)
  2. dSEM standard error of the means (n = 4)
  3. eOM organic matter, aNDF neutral detergent fibre (the residual ash was included in the aNDF calculation), ADF acid detergent fibre, CP crude protein (N × 6.25), ECT extractable condensed tannins, ND not detectable