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Table 2 microRNAs and lincRNAs detected by MDSeq as differentially expressed when comparing AL-T0 (fasted) gilts with their AL-T1 (5 h after eating) and AL-T2 (7 h after eating) counterparts

From: Co-expression network analysis predicts a key role of microRNAs in the adaptation of the porcine skeletal muscle to nutrient supply

Contrastlog2FCbP-valueq-valuecLog2CPM AL-T0dLog2CPM AL-T1dLog2CPM AL-T2d
  1. aAL-T0: Duroc gilts in a fasting condition (N = 11); AL-T1: Duroc gilts slaughtered after 5 h of food intake (N = 12); AL-T2: Duroc gilts slaughtered after 7 h of food intake (N = 12)
  2. bLog2FC: estimated log2 fold change mean dispersion levels
  3. cq-value: P-value corrected with the Benjamini-Yekutieli procedure
  4. dLog2CPM: estimated log2 counts-per-million (CPM) mean expression levels in AL-T0, AL-T1 and AL-T2 groups