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Table 1 Simulation parameters of the population structure

From: Comparisons of improved genomic predictions generated by different imputation methods for genotyping by sequencing data in livestock populations

StepsPopulation structureValues
 Number of replicates10
 Overall heritability0.3
 QTL heritability0.3
 Phenotypic variance1.0
Step 1: Historical generations (HGs)Foundation population size of (HGs)2000
Number of generations in phase 11000
Population size in phase 12000
Number of generations in phase 2200
Population size in the end of phase 2400
The number of males in the last (HG)200
The number of females in the last (HG)200
Number of males from HG40
Number of females from HG200
Step 2: Expanded generations (EGs)Number of generations1
Litter size5
The proportion of male progeny50%
Mating designRandom
Number of males from EG100
Number of females from EG500
Step 3: Recent generationsNumber of generations10
Litter size5
The Proportion of male progeny50%
Mating designRandom
Sire replacement80%
Dam replacement40%
 Selection designEBV