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Fig. 2

From: Epigenetic and non-epigenetic mode of SIRT1 action during oocyte meiosis progression

Fig. 2

Association of SIRT1 with spindle microtubules in matured oocytes. a SIRT1 colocalisation with α-tubulin in IVO and IVM matured oocytes. Scale bar represents 25 μm. b Co-immunolabelling of SIRT1 and α-tubulin in Taxol-treated IVO oocytes. c The results of colocalisation analysis in IVO and IVM oocytes. JACoP (Just Another Co-localisation Plugin) approach for colocalisation of SIRT1 with the spindle α-tubulin was used [25], and sensitivity of Pearson’s Rr value to noise and green/red signal intensity variation was eliminated by Costes’ randomisation [26] (Costes’ rand); the Costes’ coefficient modifies Pearson’s coefficient estimating automatic threshold, eliminating false-positive colocalisation and signal noise. Manders’ overlap coefficient (R) was used for estimation of colocalisation. In addition, Manders’ M1 and M2 overlap coefficients express the proportion of green (α-tubulin), which is also red (SIRT1), and vice versa, respectively, with respect to spindle localisation as the ROI. N (number of analysed matured oocytes) = 15 per group. t-test was used and P values are indicated

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