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Table 4 Dietary fibre content of selected cereals & legumes (modified from NUTTAB, Food Standards Agency Australiaa)

From: “Dietary fibre”: moving beyond the “soluble/insoluble” classification for monogastric nutrition, with an emphasis on humans and pigs

Cereals Total DF, g/100g dry matter Legumes Total DF, g/100g dry matter
Barley, pearled, raw 11.7 Haricot beans 20.8
Millet, raw 9.3 Lentils 15.3
Oats, rolled 9.5 Lima beans 19.6
Rice 3.2 Peas, green, raw 25.6
Wheat flour, wholemeal 11.3 Red kidney beans 21.5
   Soybeans 20.1
  1. aData from Food Standards Agency Australia NUTTAB Release 2010, Last accessed April 19, 2019 from: