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Table 4 Viability assessment of nanoselected spermatozoa by Flow cytometry

From: Nanotechnology-based approach for safer enrichment of semen with best spermatozoa

  Control1 Nanoselected2
Reactive oxygen species 1,069 ± 200 864 ± 200
Plasma membrane integrity 11.9 ± 25.6 8.6 ± 25.6
Mitochondrial integrity 426 ± 200 898 ± 224
  1. 1Non selected (Control) vs. 2double-selected (annexin V and lectin; Nanoselected) spermatozoa. Data are relative fluorescence intensities (mean±sem) of spermatozoa stained with H2-DCFDA (ROS production), propidium iodide (plasma membrane integrity), or JC-1 (mitochondrial potential). Fluorescence intensity values are proportional to the extent of damages of 4 independent replicates (mean±sem). Data within the same line are not significantly different (P>0.05)