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Fig. 2

From: Nanotechnology-based approach for safer enrichment of semen with best spermatozoa

Fig. 2

Standard (A) and high resolution (B) transmission electron microscope of Lectin (Black box)- and Annexin V (Blue box-conjugated MNP. The MNP cores were measured at 7.1 ± 0.2 and 14 ± 0.2 nm (mean ± SEM) in diameters, corresponding to Lectin-MNP and Annexin V-MNP, respectively. The insert in micrograph B shows a lattice interplanar distance or d-spacing of the MNP core. Corresponding lattice line intensity graphs (C) revealed average d-spacings of 2.98 Å (hematite or α-Fe2O3), for Lectin-MNP and 2.53 Å (maghemite or γ-Fe2O3), for Annexin V-MNP

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