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Table 7 The conservation index (CI) of each mt-tRNA mutation with significant effect on the number of born alive

From: Polymorphism of mitochondrial tRNA genes associated with the number of pigs born alive

Mutation Gene CI
A1225G tRNA-Phe 80.00%
T1236C tRNA-Phe 80.00%
C2255T tRNA-Val 40.00%
G2259A tRNA-Val 6.67%
C6217T tRNA-Ala 86.67%
T6219C tRNA-Ala 40.00%
T6429C tRNA-Cys 53.33%
T10601C tRNA-Gly 60.00%
A12879G tRNA-Leu 26.67%
C12883T tRNA-Leu 13.33%
T15283C tRNA-Glu 26.67%
C16487T tRNA-Thr 0.00%
G16531A tRNA-Thr 20.00%