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Table 2 Mitochondrial mutations (excluding synonymous mutations) and corresponding effects on the number of piglets born alive

From: Polymorphism of mitochondrial tRNA genes associated with the number of pigs born alive

Gene Nucleotide mutationa Codon mutation Amid acid substitution Sig.b Grantham score
Dloop T109C ns
T124A ns
G131A ns
mt136: ACCA-ACA ns
C145T ns
C153T ns
A158G ns
T181C ns
T241C ns
C279T ns
A294G ns
C306T ns
C323T ns
C390T ns
T405C ns
A443G ns
C452T ns
C474T ns
A501G ns
A575G ns
T992C ns
mt1013: TC-TcttataaaacaC ns
T1089C ns
A1096G ns
T1146C ns
tRNA-Phe A1225G *
G1234A ns
T1236C *
12S rRNA T1333C ns
mt1550: GA-GaA ns
T1559C ns
C1644G ns
G1826A ns
G1910A ns
T1984C ns
C1991T ns
tRNA-Val C2255T *
G2259A *
16S rRNA C2294T ns
C2534T ns
T2679C ns
C2985T ns
A3009G ns
C3023T ns
A3287G ns
T3355C ns
C3372T ns
G3561A ns
T3794A ns
ND1 C4658T UCC-UuC S-F ns 155
C4675T CCA-uCA P-S ns 74
ND2 A5384C AUG-cUG M-L ns 15
T5718C AUA-AcA M-T ns 81
G5801A GUC-aUC V-I ns 29
A6074G AUU-gUU I-V ns 29
G6092A GUC-aUC V-I ns 29
tRNA-Ala C6217T *
T6219C *
G6265A ns
tRNA-Cys T6429C *
tRNA-Asp G8188A ns
ATP8 T9077C AuU-AcC I-T ns 89
T9078C AUu-ACc I-T ns 89
T9146C UUA-UcA L-S ns 145
C9155T CCA-CuA P-L ns 98
ATP6 T9289C AUA-AcA M-T ns 81
C9333T CUU-uUU L-F ns 22
T9474C UAU-cAU Y-H ns 83
T9526C CUA-CcA L-P ns 98
A9673G AAC-AgC N-S ns 46
COX3 C9894T ACU-AuU T-I ns 89
tRNA-Gly T10601C *
ND3 C10674T CUC-uUC L-F ns 22
G10737A GCA-aCA A-T ns 58
T10939C AUC-AcC I-T ns 89
G10992A GCA-aCA A-T ns 58
ND4L G11105A GCG-aCG A-T ns 58
A11210G AUC-gUC I-V ns 29
ND4 A12439G AUA-gUA M-V ns 21
C12596T ACU-AuU T-I ns 89
tRNA-Leu A12879G *
C12883T *
ND5 C12999A UCC-UaC S-Y ns 144
A13034G AAC-gAC N-D ns 23
C13526T CUU-uUU L-F ns 22
T14130C GUA-GcA V-A ns 64
C14218A UUC-UUa F-L ns 22
A14234C AAA-cAA K-Q ns 53
T14601C AUU-AcU I-T ns 89
C14628T ACA-AuA T-M ns 81
C14733T ACA-AuA T-M ns 81
tRNA-Glu T15283C *
Cytb G16224A GUA-aUA V-M ns 21
A16281G AGC-gGC S-G ns 56
A16443G AUC-gUC I-V ns 29
tRNA-Thr C16487T *
G16531A *
  1. aMutation positions according to the pig mitochondrial sequence (GenBank Accession No.: NC_000845.1)
  2. bWhen a set of statistical inferences were simultaneously considered, multiple comparisons were conducted by the FDR using the R project. “ns” represents “not significant”, and “*” represents “significant” at the significant level of 0.05