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Table 3 Pearson’s correlation coefficients (r) and P-values obtained comparing the expression level of genes tested by RNA-Seq and qRT-PCR

From: Effect of diets supplemented with linseed alone or combined with vitamin E and selenium or with plant extracts, on Longissimus thoracis transcriptome in growing-finishing Italian Large White pigs

Gene r coefficient P-value Diet comparison
ELOVL6 0.95 < 0.0001 D4-D1
THBS1 0.88 < 0.0001 D3-D1
FASN 0.87 < 0.0001 D4-D1
CSRP3 0.72 < 0.0001 D2-D1
CSRP3 0.67 0.0005 D4-D1
SCD 0.67 0.0004 D4-D1