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Table 5 Least square means of the intestinal morphometric indices of the broiler chickens in relation to the diet and intestinal segment (n = 16)

From: Black soldier fly defatted meal as a dietary protein source for broiler chickens: Effects on growth performance, blood traits, gut morphology and histological features

Index Fixed effect Effect levels Least square meana SEM
Vh, mm Diet HI0 1.66a 0.05
HI5 1.64a
HI10 1.70a
HI15 1.49b
Intestinal segment DU 1.99a 0.05
JE 1.57b
IL 1.30c
Cd, mm Diet HI0 0.16a 0.01
HI5 0.17a
HI10 0.17ab
HI15 0.19b
Intestinal segment DU 0.18a 0.00
JE 0.16ab
IL 0.15b
Vh/Cd, mm/mm Diet HI0 10.79a 0.41
HI5 10.83a
HI10 10.45a
HI15 8.89b
Intestinal segment DU 11.71a 0.36
JE 10.14b
IL 8.79c
  1. HI Hermetia illucens, Vh villus height, Cd crypt depth, Vh/Cd villus height to crypt depth ratio, DU duodenum, JE jejunum, IL ileum
  2. aMeans with different superscript letters (a, b) within the same column per fixed effect (i.e. diet, intestinal segment) differ significantly (P < 0.05)