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Fig. 2

From: Gas stunning with CO2 affected meat color, lipid peroxidation, oxidative stress, and gene expression of mitogen-activated protein kinases, glutathione S-transferases, and Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase in the skeletal muscles of broilers

Fig. 2

Effects of gas stunning methods on mRNA levels of MAPK/Nrf2/ARE signalling pathway molecules and SODs in the skeletal muscles of broilers. MAPK = mitogen-activated protein kinase; Nrf2 = nuclear factor-erythroid 2-related factor 2, or chicken erythroid-derived CNC-homology factor, or ECH; ARE = antioxidant responsive element; SODs = superoxide dismutases. ERK2 = extracellular-signal regulated kinase 2 (ERK2, also known as MAPK1, synonymous with MAPK3 or ERK1 in Gallus gallus); JNK1 and JNK2 represent c-Jun N-terminal kinase 1 and 2, respectively. GSTA3, GSTK1, GSTM2, and GSTT1 represent the alpha3, kappa 1, mu 2, and theta 1 isozymes of glutathione S-transferase, respectively; SOD1 = Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase; SOD2 = Mn-superoxide dismutase. Genes of the thigh muscle with P > 0.1 were omitted from the table. Control = without stunning; G40% = 40% CO2 + 21% O2 + 39%N2; G79% = 79% CO2 + 21% O2. a–b Means with no common superscripts within a row differ significantly (P ≤ 0.05) or exhibit differences approaching significance (0.05 < P < 0.10), n = 6

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