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Fig. 1

From: Acquisition of pluripotency in the chick embryo occurs during intrauterine embryonic development via a unique transcriptional network

Fig. 1

Core pluripotent transcription factors expression during folliculogenesis and intrauterine embryonic development in chicken. a RT-PCR was conducted to examine the maternally inherited pluripotent transcriptional factors, including cPOUV, cNANOG, and cSOX2 during chick ovarian follicle development. Follicles in the ovary are indicated by hierarchical follicle (F1 to F5) and a representative white follicle is indicated by an asterisk. b RT-PCR was conducted to examine expression profiling of cPOUV, cNANOG, and cSOX2 from the oocyte to EGK.X. CEF was used as a negative control for both A and B. c The cPOUV and cNANOG gene expression in oocyte and intrauterine chicken embryos relative to EGK.X was analyzed using qRT-PCR. cGAPDH was used as a reference gene. Results are shown as mean ± standard error of mean (n = 3). Significant differences of the relative gene expression between consecutive developmental stages (Oocyte vs. EGK.I, EGK.I vs. EGK.III, EGK.III vs. EGK.VI, EGK.VI vs. EGK.VIII, and EGK.VIII vs. EGK.X) were represented as *** P < 0.001 and **** P < 0.0001. Scale bar = 1 cm

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