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Table 6 The endotoxin content in the serum of broilers at d 21

From: Effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus on the growth performance and intestinal health of broilers challenged with Clostridium perfringens

Item Endotoxin, EU/mL
CTL 0.22c
LA 0.18d
CLG 0.39a
CLG + LA 0.27b
SEM 0.015
Main effects
C. perfringens challenge
 Negative 0.20
 Positive 0.33
L. acidophilus
 No addition 0.30
 Addition 0.23
C. perfringens challenge < 0.001
L. acidophilus < 0.001
C. perfringens challenge × L. acidophilus < 0.001
  1. a-dMeans in the same column with different superscripts differ (P < 0.05)