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Table 1 Carcass and meat quality traits at slaughter

From: Maternal undernutrition and offspring sex determine birth-weight, postnatal development and meat characteristics in traditional swine breeds

Variables N Control Underfed RMSE P-value
Females Males Females Males Females Males Females Males BW Sex Nutri BW× Sex BW× Nutri BW×Sex×Nutri
Body weight, kg 442 141.5c   151.0a   153.4a   154.0a   137.7c   147.1a,b   152.0a   151.5a   9.7 <.0001 0.004 t 0.005 ns ns
Age, d 442 306.3a   284.7b,c   269.5d   274.3c,d   293.1b   287.2b,c   284.4b,c   282.2b,c,d   18.9 <.0001 ns t 0.02 0.01 t
ADWG, kg/d 442 0.47c   0.54a,b   0.57a   0.57a   0.47c   0.51b   0.54a,b   0.54a,b   0.06 <.0001 0.007 0.04 0.004 ns ns
Carcass weight, kg 395 118.0a,b   121.6a,b   122.1a   122.2a   108.0c   115.0b   118.8a,b   118.4a,b   8.1 0.002 ns 0.0001 t ns ns
Carcass yield, % 395 79.96a,b   80.55a   79.26a,b,c   79.16a,b,c   78.61c   78.14c   78.13c   78.14c   1.94 t ns <.0001 ns ns ns
Carcass length, cm 376 88.10a,b   88.23a,b   90.55a   90.25a,b   87.83b   87.83b   89.51a,b   88.80a,b   2.66 0.002 ns ns ns ns ns
Backfat depth, cm 386 5.26a   5.29a   5.17a,b   5.16a,b   4.62b   4.64b   4.90a,b   4.80a,b   0.70 ns ns 0.0005 ns ns ns
Muscular dry matter, % 386 30.32a,b   31.49a   29.89b   30.56a,b   29.66b   30.82a,b   30.32a,b   30.37a,b   5.49 ns 0.02 ns ns ns ns
Liver dry matter, % 337 30.44b   29.78b   29.81b   29.71b   32.45a   32.82a   30.52b   31.53a,b   4.29 0.04 ns <.0001 ns ns ns
Muscular drip loss, % 325 6.92a   3.83b   5.53a,b   5.62a,b   5.65a,b   4.59a,b   6.42a   6.34a   2.64 ns t ns t ns ns
Intramuscular fat, % 387 27.75a,b   28.04a,b   24.37a,b   26.91a,b   24.01a,b   29.22a   22.75b   25.78a,b   6.45 t 0.03 ns ns ns ns
Liver fat, % 345 18.00c   24.46a   20.48b,c   20.80b,c   19.60b,c   21.93a,b   21.08b   20.36b,c   2.74 ns 0.004 ns 0.002 ns t
  1. BW Birth weight, Nutri Maternal Nutrition, LBW Low birth-weight, NBW Normal birth-weight, RMSE root-mean-square error, ns not significant, t = 0.1 > P > 0.05. Different letters indicate significant differences (P < 0.05)