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Fig. 2

From: Effect of recombinant and native buffalo OVGP1 on sperm functions and in vitro embryo development: a comparative study

Fig. 2

Sequential purification steps of recombinant OVGP1 (ROVGP1). Chromatogram of (a) IMAC based affinity purification: purification of recombinant OVGP1 through IMAC resulted in a single peak (indicated by arrow) after applying a gradient of 0–100% (300 mmol/L imidazole) in 30 mL. The peak fractions contained partially purified recombinant OVGP1. b Ion-Exchange Chromatography: Purification step through IEX showing elution of three merged peaks (indicated by arrows) during a stepwise gradient run. The latter peak contained recombinant OVGP1 with a few remaining contaminating proteins. c Size-Exclusion Chromatography: Purification of recombinant OVGP1 through the step resulted in elution of a peak (indicated by arrow) containing purified recombinant OVGP1

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