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Table 2 Effect of synbiotics treatment injected in ovo on d 12 of incubation on the body weight of broiler chickens

From: The impact of synbiotic administration through in ovo technology on the microstructure of a broiler chicken small intestine tissue on the 1st and 42nd day of rearing

Item Day
1 42
Body weight, g
 Control 40.7b 3127
 SYN1 40.3b 3146
 SYN2 41.6a 3111
SEM 0.1803 9.7890
  1. a-bDifference (P ≤ 0.05) between treatments (vertical), Means ± SEM representing 680 birds per group. SYN 1 - L. salivarius IBB3154 + Bi2tos, Clasado Ltd., SYN 2 - L. plantarum IBB3036 + lupin RFOs