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Fig. 3

From: Increased maternal consumption of methionine as its hydroxyl analog promoted neonatal intestinal growth without compromising maternal energy homeostasis

Fig. 3

Effects of maternal methionine nutrition on intestinal morphology of 14 days old suckling piglets. Effects of intestine site on intestinal morphology (a), effects of dietary treatment on intestinal morphology (b) and effects of intestine site × dietary treatment interaction on intestinal morphology (c), (d). Data were means ± SEM. Control (CON), DL-methionine (DLM), DL-2-hydroxy-4-methylthiobutanoic acid diets (HMTBA), percentage of villus height to crypt depth (PVHCD). a, b, cMeans for same genes with no common letters differ (P < 0.05)

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