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Table 8 Effect of benzoic acid on enzyme activities of SOD, GSH-px and concentration of MDA in jejunal mucosa of young pigs

From: Effects of benzoic acid (VevoVitall®) on the performance and jejunal digestive physiology in young pigs

Items Control Benzoic acid SEM P-value
Superoxide Dismutase,U/mL 29.07b 70.43a 5.73 0.011
Glutathione peroxidase,U/mg 83.08b 345.97a 22.88 0.049
Malondialdehyde,μmol/L 1.71 1.52 0.09 0.322
  1. Mean values with their standard errors, n = 10
  2. a-b Within a row, means with different superscripts differ (P < 0.05)