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Table 2 Effect of melatonin implantation on the duration of cashmere growth and cashmere growth rate in Inner Mongolian cashmere goats1

From: Effects of melatonin implantation on cashmere yield, fibre characteristics, duration of cashmere growth as well as growth and reproductive performance of Inner Mongolian cashmere goats

Group Initiation date Cessation date Duration of growth, days Cashmere growth rate, mm/d
Control July 2, 2013a March 27, 2014 270b 0.36
Melatonin May 18, 2013b March 22, 2014 307a 0.37
S.E.M2 4.03 6.03 5.14 0.015
P-value <0.01 0.42 <0.01 0.29
  1. 1Values are means of nine replicates per treatment. Means with different superscripts (a and b) within a column differ (P < 0.05)
  2. 2S.E.M = Standard error of the mean