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Table 3 Concentration (g/kg dry matter, DM) of internal markers in consumed bermudagrass hays of varying crude protein (CP) concentrations and associated feces (n = 6)

From: Comparison of acid-detergent lignin, alkaline-peroxide lignin, and acid-detergent insoluble ash as internal markers for predicting fecal output and digestibility by cattle offered bermudagrass hays of varying nutrient composition

Item2 Treatments1 SEM3 P-value
  L ML MH H   
ADLfd 43a 32b 32b 38a 1.9 0.01
ADLfc 93 85 87 94 2.6 0.06
APLfd 26 24 22 25 1.2 0.16
APLfc 59 53 52 60 4.6 0.17
ADIAfd 25b 32a 27b 20c 2.8 0.01
ADIAfc 51b 65a 60a 54b 4.2 0.01
  1. 1L, low CP hay (CP = 79 g/kg DM); ML, medium low CP hay (CP = 111 g/kg DM); MH, medium high CP hay (CP = 131 g/kg DM); and H, high CP hay (CP = 164 g/kg DM).
  2. 2ADLfd, acid-detergent lignin in the forage; ADLfc, acid-detergent lignin in feces; APLfd, alkaline-peroxide lignin in the forage; APLfc, alkaline-peroxide lignin in feces; ADIAfd, acid-detergent insoluble ash in the forage; ADIAfc, acid-detergent insoluble ash in feces.
  3. 3SEM, standard error of the mean.
  4. abcMeans within a row without a common superscript letter differ at P < 0.05.