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Table 2 Dry matter intake (DMI), fecal output (FO), and DM digestibility (DMD) of bermudagrass hay with differing concentrations of crude protein (CP) fed to cattle based on total collection (n = 6)

From: Comparison of acid-detergent lignin, alkaline-peroxide lignin, and acid-detergent insoluble ash as internal markers for predicting fecal output and digestibility by cattle offered bermudagrass hays of varying nutrient composition

Item Treatments1 SEM2 P-value
  L ML MH H   
DMI, g/d 7,740b 9,020ab 10,210a 9,780a 762.0 0.02
FO, g/d 3,760 4,080 4,720 4,280 348.0 0.20
DMD, g/kg DM 504 550 538 564 15.4 0.08
  1. 1L, low CP hay (CP = 79 g/kg DM); ML, medium low CP hay (CP = 111 g/kg DM); MH, medium high CP hay (CP = 131 g/kg DM); and H, high CP hay (CP = 164 g/kg DM).
  2. 2SEM, standard error of the mean.
  3. abMeans within a row without a common superscript letter differ at P < 0.05.