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Figure 1

From: Evaluation of steroidogenic capacity after follicle stimulating hormone stimulation in bovine granulosa cells of Revalor 200® implanted heifers

Figure 1

Anabolic androgens and estrogens did not affect progesterone (P 4 ) production but increased estradiol (E 2 ) concentrations. Small follicle granulosa cells from non-implanted heifers (n = 5) or heifers implanted for 28 d (n = 5) or 84 d (n = 6) were treated for 24 h with FSH (100 ng/mL, 24 h) or PBS, subsequently cell culture medium were analyzed by RIA. (A) Combination implants of TBA and E2 did not affect the ability of granulosa cells to produce P4. (B) Medium E2 concentrations were greater in cells exposed to FSH (P < 0.01) compared to non-treated controls indicating successful FSH treatment. Additionally, medium E2 concentrations increased (P < 0.10) in granulosa cells from implanted heifers compared with non-implanted. Concentration is presented as the least square mean ± pooled standard error. Results are compared within FSH treatment group. *P < 0.10 indicates a significant difference when compared with non-implanted heifers.

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