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Table 2 Effects of diets on total tract apparent digestibility (TTAD) of fiber in chickens and pigs

From: Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) and cereals differently affect gut development in broiler chickens and young pigs

  In chickens In pigs
   Diet      Diet    
Items CI CF60 CF120 SEM P- value CII CF80 CF160 SEM P- value
Total NSP* 31.2a 30.1a 23.8b 1.65 0.008 42.0a 56.1b 62.4c 1.42 <0.0001
Uronic acid 43.3a 48.0a 33.1b 3.34 0.02 36.2a 85.1b 88.8b 1.47 <0.0001
Arabinose 31.0a 34.3a 18.4b 2.40 0.0002 46.8a 58.0b 62.8b 1.71 <0.0001
Xylose 28.5a 23.8a 16.5b 1.77 0.0007 39.8a 45.7b 49.4b 1.70 0.004
  1. CI: control diet in chicken experiment; CF60: 60 g/kg chicory forage; CF120: 120 g/kg chicory forage; CII: control diet in pig experiment; CF80: 80 g/kg chicory forage; CF160: 160 g/kg chicory forage. *NSP, non-starch polysaccharides.
  2. Data are presented as least square means (n = 4 for diet CIand 8 for diet CF60 and CF120 in chicken experiment; n = 6 in pig experiment) and standard error of the mean (SEM).
  3. abcDifferent letters within rows, indicate significant difference (P < 0.05).