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Table 3 Share of global crop trade accounted for by GE crops in 2011/12 (million tonnes)[125]

From: GMOs in animal agriculture: time to consider both costs and benefits in regulatory evaluations

  Soybeans Maize (Corn) Cotton Canola
Global production 238 883.5 27.0 61.6
Global trade (exports) 90.4 103.4 10.0 13.0
Share of global trade from GE producers 88.6 (98%) 70.0 (67.7%) 7.15 (71.5%) 9.9 (76%)
Estimated size of market requiring certified conventional (in countries that have import requirements) 3.0 4.4 Negligible Negligible
Estimated share of global trade that may contain GE (i.e., not required to be segregated) 87.4 70.0 71.5 9.9
Share of global trade that may be GE 96.7% 67.7% 71.5% 76%
  1. Notes: Estimated size of market requiring certified conventional in countries with import requirements excludes countries with markets for certified conventional for which all requirements are satisfied by domestic production (e.g. maize in the EU). Estimated size of certified conventional market for soybeans (based primarily on demand for derivatives used mostly in the food industry): EU 2.0 million tonnes bean equivalents, Japan and South Korea 1 million tonnes.