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Table 2 Examples of lifespans for growing/fattening animals, in days[79]

From: GMOs in animal agriculture: time to consider both costs and benefits in regulatory evaluations

Animal species/categories Conventional/more intensive Organic/more extensive
Chickens for fattening (broilers) 3-42 56-84
Turkeys for fattening 56-168 70-112
Growing/fattening pigs 150-300 200-400
Veal calves 80-200 -
Growing/fattening bulls 300-500 400-600
  1. Laying hens and dairy cattle are usually used for longer periods:
  2. Laying hens: about 126–140 d for growing (pullets); about 300–360 d (one year) for the laying period.
  3. Dairy cattle: about 22–36 mo for growing (heifers); one to ten yrs for lactation (average in Europe two to five lactations).