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Table 9 Effects of zinc oxide, antibiotic, or lanthanum-yeast on the performance of weanling pigs (day 0 to 28)

From: Alternatives to antibiotics as growth promoters for use in swine production: a review

Items Control Antibiotic1 Zinc (1,500 ppm) Zinc (2,500 ppm) Lanthanum-yeast SEM P Values
Weight gain, g/d 302b 353a 352a 369a 359a 14.0 0.02
Feed intake, g/d 467b 518ab 530ab 558a 501ab 22.6 0.10
Feed conversion 1.55a 1.47ab 1.50ab 1.52ab 1.41b 0.04 0.31
  1. Han and Thacker [73].
  2. 1Tiamulin and chlortetraccycline.
  3. a,b Within row, means followed by same or no letter do not differ (P>0.05).